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Consulting and Training Services

We provide advanced custom training and architecture design based on decades of practical experience. There are often multiple approaches to solve a problem – we understand which ones work in the real world and will help your team identify a strategy to ensure your success. We help you apply best practices for using Analytical Graphics' Systems Tool Kit (STK) and Orbit Determination Tool Kit (ODTK) to address your challenges.

Image by Marat Gilyadzinov

Space Situational Awareness (SSA)

  • Sensor design, calibration, and operations

  • Orbit determination on non-cooperative objects

  • Data fusion - We have years of experience processing measurements from:

    • US SSN


    • Spaceflux

    • LeoLabs

    • SAFRAN

    • KRATOS

    • Exo Analytics

    • Raytheon

    • and many other systems.

  • Orbital event analysis, including maneuver detection and reconstruction

  • Pattern of life analysis


Satellite mission planning, design, and operations

  • Trajectory design and maneuver planning

  • Orbit determination

  • Satellite flight dynamics and operations

  • Communication link analysis

  • Payload operations

  • Ground station scheduling and tasking

Image by Michael Dziedzic

Visual Analytics

  • Distilling data into actionable assessments using Python and Jupyter Notebooks.

  • Communicating results using advanced visualizations in STK and Cesium and tools such as Matplotlib, Plotly, and Bokeh.

Image by Patrick Tomasso

Regulatory Filings

Need to write a Orbital Debris Assessment Report (ODAR)? We've done it and can help you write yours. 

  • Experienced in running NASA's Debris Assessment Software (DAS) and Orbital Debris Engineering Model (ORDEM), and ESA's Debris Risk Assessment and Mitigation Analysis (DRAMA) tools.

  • We can convert DAS reentry component models into their DRAMA equivalent.

Image by Scott Graham

Custom Training

We offer advanced, customized training in STK and ODTK.

  • Best practices for STK and ODTK integration

  • Launch and early orbit operations, including initial orbit determination.

  • Normal mission operations

  • Best practices for using GNSS or SLR measurements.

  • Modeling and performing OD through maneuvers

  • Non-Earth centric OD (cis-lunar, lunar, deep space)

  • Combining measurements from multiple sources

  • Automating processes via the APIs.

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