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Our Clients

Here's a subset of the companies we have worked with. Sorry, we can't list them all due to NDAs!

Space Exploration Engineering

Space Exploration Engineering, LLC

Providing detailed orbit determination analysis for a variety of unique pre-mission and operational scenarios covering the near Earth, cis-lunar, lunar, and deep space orbit regimes.


Advised the COMSPOC engineering team on SSA sensor selection and operations concepts to achieve the desired orbit determination requirements.


Spaceflux offers Space Situational Awareness services based on optical sensors that track satellites and space debris from LEO to GEO and Cislunar, with 10 locations worldwide and more to come. Thanks to their large sensors of up to 70 cm in diameter, they can track smaller objects compared to the competition. Their sensors can also be tasked and obtain multi-color photometric measurements for enhanced characterisation and custody.

NextGen Federal Systems

NextGen Federal Systems

Providing analysis and expertise in the areas of Space Situational Awareness, sensor fusion, and space object characterization.

Clients: Clients
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